Polo Games Played Sunday

Polo players pound down the field at the Big Horn Equestrian Center in the Eaton's Ranch Cup match Sunday. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan-WYO Rodeo Week ended Sunday at the Big Horn Equestrian Center with two polo games and three chukkers of cowboy polo.

The Eaton's Ranch Cup was played at 1, and the Sheridan-WYO Rodeo Cup/Alliance Tire Inc. at 3 p.m. Scores for the games haven't yet been posted, but Sheridan Media will report them as soon as they become available.

View more photos below.

Players for the Hammer Chevrolet team, in white, and Sheridan Seed, in green, chase down the field. (Photo by Pat Blair)
A pause in the game. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Two players for Sheridan Seed. (Photo by Pat Blair)
A Sheridan Seed player aims for the ball. (Photo by Pat Blair)
A referee (striped shirt) keeps an eye on the action. (Photo by Pat Blair)