Power and Water in the Immediate Area of the Broadway Street Situation Is Shut Off

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According to Sheridan Police Chief Rich Adriaens, power and water is shut off in the immediate areas of the Broadway Street situation. The City is currently working to get them back on. In the meantime, drinking water is being provided at the Sheridan Inn parking lot.

Those that end up with spoiled items as a result of the outages, will be compensated. Currently the city is considering several avenues and will choose the best one to make people whole. For those that have been evacuated, remember that with your refrigerator door remaining closed while the power is off, the food will stay cooler longer and will not spoil as quickly.

They will also have a contact person for those affected to speak with asap. Sheridan Media will have the number for said contact on sheridanmedia.com when it is established. Please hold off on calls until then. The City of Sheridan understands that some are being inconvenienced by this situation but the priority is human life.