Preparing Pets for Tick Season

Check pets daily, especially inside their ears, where ticks really like to burrow.

Springtime brings green grass, blooming flowers and trees and animal babies. But it also brings something from “the dark side” -- blood-sucking ticks.

Dr. Laura Wold, a veterinarian with Country Hospital for Animals in Sheridan, warns pet owners that it is critical to check pets often.

Dr. Wold says that even though there's a certain tick season for this area, other parts of the country, say, the south and east where it's more humid, the season might last longer. And if folks take pets on trips, it's possible the pet could pick up a foreign parasite and bring it home, opening up the possibility of exposure to serious diseases.

Prevention is key, she tells us, and quite easy to administer on dogs and cats.

She says the topical medication should be applied once a month. If, however, should ticks be found on a pet – particularly in ears and on the head – there is a right way and a wrong way to remove them.

Dr. Wold says there are several creditable and trustworthy websites online should you have questions regarding your pets and a veterinarian is not readily available to call. They are listed below: