Principal Praises Special Education Teachers

Special education teachers have to have tough skins.

In a report recently to Sheridan County School District 1 trustees, Jeff Jones, who's the Tongue River Middle School principal, said what he looks for in a special education teacher is someone who has the heart of an angel and the skin of a lizard.

Jones said he was super-impressed with the special education staff at Tongue River Middle School.

He said the special ed staff at Tongue River is by far the best staff he's ever worked with, and he wanted the trustees to know about them and their importance.

He said the special ed staff members often find themselves working with students who are themselves working extremely hard but find that work difficult.

Jones said there is a special education paradox in this country, in that, while special education teachers receive the most intensive training of any teacher, their expertise is too often left untapped and is underappreciated.