Proposed City Management of SAWS Raises Concerns

Sheridan County Commissioner Steve Maier is a regular guest on the Public Pulse show. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

During a recent Public Pulse show, Sheridan Media’s Kim Love questioned the necessity of maintaining the management of the Sheridan Area Water Supply system, known as SAWS, with a joint powers board of city and county officials, since it’s been proposed to be handed over to the city.

Sheridan County Commissioner Steve Maier responded.

In response, he said, there are a couple of issues of concern.

That means, he said, if the city were to take over the whole system, the county residents would only have the city council to address concerns.

Love asked if there couldn’t be a solution to that.

That was Commissioner Terry Cram offering the details. To hear the rest of the interview with the commissioners, go to --