Pub Painting Moves to Little Goose

Misty Plott Barbula, front, and Tena Twite, were two of the Artists in Motion participants caught on film at a recent event. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The Wyoming Watercolor Society Artists in Motion group will present their second pub painting event on Friday night at Little Goose Liquors in Sheridan.

Spokeswoman Misty Plott Barbula says members will be at the store and bar on Coffeen Avenue, from 5 until “eight-ish,” creating 8-by-10 paintings. At the end of the event, the completed paintings will be sold for a flat fee of $50, each.

The spokeswoman said this will be the organization's second Pub Painting outing. The organizers said 10-percent of the proceeds are donated to the sponsoring business, and the remaining funds help finance the watercolor society's workshops. From four to six artists will be involved, she said, and patrons will be encouraged to watch over the artists' shoulders.

In addition to raising funds, Barbula said the event is intended to turn the act of painting from a historically solitary pleasure into a performing art. Members will draw on 175 combined years of watercolor painting to educate and introduce watercolor painting to the public. The owner of Little Goose Liquors is Cynthia Hoover.