Public Tours New Whitney Arts Center

Students in ceramics class during the open house at Whitney Center for the Arts. (Photo by Pat Blair)

The new Whitney Center for the Arts at Sheridan College was thrown open to the public for two hours Thursday night, allowing people to visit classrooms, art galleries and other areas now that they're in use by students and instructors.

Those who visited during the event that started at 4 p.m. could wander through the new facility, which is connected to the college's main Whitney building, on their own, or they could join one of the tours conducted throughout the event.

Zane Garstad, who's director of college services for the Northern Wyoming Community College District, said there were three or four tour guides, including himself. Among those on an early tour led by Garstad was Judy Vernon, who said she thinks the new center for the arts is a fantastic building.

The tour included both levels of the concert hall. Gardstad said the hall seats between 380 and 420 people. Wendy Smith, who's marketing director for the college district, elaborated on the hall's acoustics.

The art center includes an art gallery featuring work of students, and another featuring paintings by early 20th century artist Bill Gollings. The tour also included stops in the various classrooms set up for paintings, print-making, ceramics, wood and metal.

View more photos below.

An art class in progress. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Printmaking instructor Brittney Whisonant talks about some of the equipment. (Photo by Pat Blair)
The concert hall viewed from upstairs. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Zane Garstad talks about the music library, which holds 1,000 pieces of music. (Photo by Pat Blair)