Recycling Center Seeks Funding For Balers

Buffalo City Council

Bill Ostheimer, with the Buffalo/Johnson County Recycling Board, spoke to the Buffalo City Council at their meeting this week, updating them on the recycling center and submitting a request for funding from the city.

Ostheimer said the recycling center continues to grow and get busier with the amount of materials that are handled there every month, and he invited the council in for a tour to see first-hand what their needs are.
He said the center is expecting to move a million pounds of materials through the facility this calendar year.

He explained to the council what specifically the recycling board was seeking funding for.

Ostheimer said the request stems from a need for more efficiency at the recycling center, which in turn would mean more money back to the center per ton for separated materials and less money expended in labor.

The recycling center requested $15,480 from the city and were scheduled to speak to the county and Lake DeSmet Conservation District for the same amount of funding to purchase three balers for the center.

The council told Ostheimer they would consider funding the baler in next year's budget, which takes effect July 1st.