RENEW Bowling at Special Olympics

RENEW's Jeannie Ellinger, chosen to Emcee the Winter Special Olympics in Casper for the 5th year in a row. (Courtesy of Ace Young)

The Wyoming Special Olympics, the Winter Edition, gets underway today in Casper.

Some 1,000 athletes from around the state are attending, including twenty-two clients from RENEW in Sheridan.

Emceeing the kickoff for the 5th year in a row was RENEW's Jeannie Ellinger of Sheridan. So, has the Sheridan team been knocking down a lot of pins in preparation for the Special Olympics competition? Ellinger says.

A true teammate, Ellinger doesn't toot any team member's horn over another when it comes to who's “best.”

Many of those athletes got together Wednesday night at the Natrona County Fairgrounds for a kickoff dinner and what has now become a Special Olympics tradition – the "Parade of Athletes".