Rep. Tass Discusses Legislative Session with Buffalo Council

Richard Tass

State Representative for House District 40 Richard Tass attended the Buffalo City Council meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the upcoming legislative session and ask the council if they had any concerns he may take back to Cheyenne next month.

Tass said he was worried about tax proposals being pushed by other lawmakers.

Asked whether the legislature was considering giving less than last year's $105 million to local governments in direct distribution funds, Tass said he wasn't sure how that would turn out, but he thought there wasn't much of a mood to decrease funds to local governments.

The council asked him to push for the $105 million.

Tass was asked about the federal law raising the age to purchase tobacco products to 21.

He said he opposes it, but he expects the legislature to address the issue, and may have no choice but to make the change, especially if the federal government decides to withhold funding from states that don't make the change, as they have done with speed limits and the drinking age in the past.