Representative Berger Weighs In on Pending Budget Cuts

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Wyoming State Representative Rosie Berger of Big Horn (Photo Ron Richter ©)

Governor Matt Mead announced Monday that he’d be meeting with the directors of the largest state agencies to determine how to move forward with budget cuts he’s ordered due to declining energy revenues. Mead announced last week that he’s directed state agencies to cut their budgets by 8 percent for the two-year funding cycle starting in July.

The reductions will cut spending below the $3 billion state budget that lawmakers worked out earlier this year. State Representative Rosie Berger of Big Horn said it is not the Legislature’s intent to call a special session between now and January 10th when the General Session begins.

Berger said the Legislature gave Governor Mead the flexibility to address the issue.

Mead said that according to the latest update from state financial experts, there needs to be at least $300 million in cuts over the next two years.