Representative Madden Weighs In on Capitol Square Project

State Representative Mike Madden of Buffalo (Photo Ron Richter ©)

In 2014, the Wyoming Legislature initially appropriated $259 million for the Capitol Square Project, a project to restore and remodel the State Capitol and Herschler Building in Cheyenne.

Further studies revealed that the Herschler Building needed significant repair due to address water corrosion in the walls, wall gaps, and rotting window blocks. In 2015, the legislature dedicated an additional $31 million to address the issues with the Herschler Building, increase the addition size and provide temporary space for agencies displaced during the renovation.

Representative Mike Madden of Buffalo said there is an aspect of the remodel that he’s not very fond of.

Madden said he understands the public dissension over the project, especially considering the State’s uncertain financial future due to declining revenues from the mineral industry.

According to information available on the project website, http://www.wyomingcapitolsquare...., the State has budgeted $300 million for the Capitol Square Project from the Capitol Building Restoration and Renovation Account, the State Building Commission, and from money set aside for major maintenance to the Herschler Building and an insurance payment received to repair the Capitol's dome.