Request to Archive District Court Documents on Hold

A request by Sheridan County Clerk of District Court Nickie Arney to archive documents in her office is on hold pending additional information.

Arney made the request to Sheridan County commissioners at the commissioners' staff meeting Monday morning.

Arney told commissioners she wants to archive the probate and juvenile records. She said the last time any probate documents were archived was in the 1920s, and she has no more room for storage of hard copies. There's another reason she wants the documents archived as well.

Arney said she contacted five different companies who do this kind of work, and received bids from two of the companies, one in Denver and one in Minneapolis but with an office in Montana. She said the companies' bids range from $200,000 to $400,000 to do the work. Commissioners expressed concerns over the cost of the work at a time when the county is hard-pressed for revenues.

Arney said after the meeting she plans to contact the companies and get a solid bid based just on the cost of archiving the probate records. Commissioners took no action on Arney's request, but Commissioner Terry Cram said they could talk about her request at a later meeting.