Retailers Report 'Good' to 'Moderate' Holiday Sales

A customer at The Sport Stop. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Downtown retailers were reporting good to moderate sales this Christmas shopping season.

That's according to Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce CEO Dixie Johnson, who said she's talked with a number of retailers, though not all.

Dorothy Bangerter at The Sugar Boot said sales in the days before Christmas were going very well for her.

Robby Smith at Sheridan Stationery also reported a good season.

Linda Fauth at Crazy Woman agreed the recent cold weather has been a factor.

Jane Rice, manager of the Hickory Farms store in Sheridan, said they also had a good year. Johnson said the latest sales tax report was issued late last week, and sales taxes were down for this area by around 13 or 14 percent. She said part of that could be that some of the shoppers who come to Sheridan from outlying areas, such as Campbell County, haven't been coming this year.

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A customer gets help at Sheridan Stationery. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Customers browse at Best Out West. (Photo by Pat Blair)
At the Cottonwood Kitchen checkout coiunter. (Photo by Pat Blair)