Rolston Brings More Than Decade of Experience to Commission Chair Position

Unlike some community boards, where changing the chairman each year might be a challenge for someone newly appointed, Commissioner Bob Rolston accepted the Sheridan County Commission chairman seat on Tuesday during the first meeting of the year with more than a decade of experience.

In fact, he said, all the members on the commission are veterans, of about 10 years or more. With that information in mind, during an interview following the meeting, I asked him what changes taking on this leadership role makes for him.

With that said, I asked him to remind me how much a Sheridan County commissioner is paid, annually. He said the salary is $32,000, which includes county health benefits. There is no required amount of hours a commissioner must work, he said, but the current commissioners are many times there at the courthouse, daily, because they have offices there and are retired. He said their backgrounds are varied. He was a cattle buyer, Tom Ringley is retired Air force, Terry Cram retired from the Game and Fish Department, Steve Maier is a retired college president and Mike Nickel is a semi-retired electrical contractor.

He said the situation is unique because many other county commissioners do not have county offices. So, because of that and this particular group of commissioners, they consider their service on the commission as a full-time job.