Ronda Holwell Explains Why 5th Street Project Happened So Close to Other Projects

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There have been several construction projects in Sheridan this fall. Two of those projects were on heavily traveled routes that led to the same area. Many residents have wondered why the projects on Loucks/Highland and the 5th Street bridge would be done at the same time. WYDOT’s Public Information Specialist Ronda Holwell.

Phase 2 of the Loucks/Highland project would have made a closure on 5th street even more inconveniencing according to Holwell.

The sidewalks are still closed on the 5th street bridge as they complete the project. The completion date is set for May of next year, however, the great weather has allowed the team to do more work than they had expected. Holwell says it is possible that the path will at least be completed enough to open it before winter sets in. If that happens, they will likely finish anything else they need to on the project in the spring.