Rope For Knowledge Raises $4,700 For Jo Co Scholarships

Rope For Knowledge 2013. Photo courtesy of Sheridan College in Johnson County.

Sheridan College in Johnson County's Fifth Annual Rope For Knowledge was last Saturday at the Johnson County Fairgrounds in Buffalo, and was another successful scholarship roping for the college.

This year's roping event raised $4,700 for the Johnson County Scholarship Program, which brings the five-year total raised to just over $20,000 according to organizer Ashlea Bassett.
Twenty different scholarships have been awarded during that time as well, she said.

The six recipients for this fall semester's Johnson County Scholarships were announced at the roping event Saturday, and were: Brittnee Borgialli, Shantel Johnson, Ashley Seymour, Amanda Walter, Kevin Grubb, and Carrie Hulford.

The six can use their scholarships at any of the three campuses in Northeast Wyoming: Sheridan College, Sheridan College in Johnson County or Gillette College.

The deadline to apply for the Johnson County Scholarships for the Spring, 2014 semester is December 15, 2013. Contact the college at 684-2001 for more information.


Jr. Barrels
1. Coy Johnson, Buffalo; 2. Adam Belus, Buffalo; 3. Gracie Mitchell, Buffalo; 4. Nick Albrecht, Sheridan; 5. Will Albrecht, Sheridan.

Open Barrels-1D
1. Breanna Reimler, Buffalo; 2. Kaylee Reimler, Buffalo; 3.Collette Fenster, Buffalo; 4. Desira’ Light, Buffalo; 5. Rachel Petersburg, Sheridan.
Open Barrels-2D
1. Tiara Ilgen, Sheridan; 2. Candace Ellis, Buffalo; 3. Laree Foley, Kaycee; 4. Maggie Frederickson, Buffalo; 5. Katie Biladoue, Sheridan.

Breakaway Roping
1. Megan Belus, Buffalo; 2. Sam Haskett, Sheridan; 3. Breanna Reimler, Buffalo; 4. Mandy Mader, Buffalo; 5. Whitney Simmons, Sheridan.

Parent/Child Team Roping
1. Michelle Reiner-Clay Reiner; 2. Mike Albrecht-Nick Albrecht;
3. Coy Johnson-Josh Johnson.

Open Team Roping
1. Nate Rogers-Justin Hammerick; 2. Cindy Wolfe-Justin Hammerick; 3. Nate Rogers-Jeff Campbell; 4. Sam Davis-Leo Woodbury; 5. Wendy Auzqui-Nate Rogers; 6. Megan Belus-Devon Smith; 7. Dave Belus-Chuck Marton; 8. Sam Davis-Justin Hammerick.
Fast Time Award: Cindy Wolfe-Jeff Campbell.