Salvation Army Needs Cast-off Clothes

Capt. Don Warriner was a recent guest on Public Pulse. (Photo by Leslie Stratmoen)

With spring just around the corner, some people might be thinking about cleaning out their closets.

If that’s the case, the local Salvation Army wants your cast-offs. Capt. Don Warriner says the donated clothes help in several ways, and they'll even take clothes that are nearly worn out or missing a few buttons.

He explained a bit further what they do with the raggedy garments, once they're dropped off.

He said he's also started a recycling program.

The drop-off point is at the Salvation Army thrift store, which is in the 900 block of Coffeen Avenue in Sheridan. Drop-off hours are mornings, from 9-1, Tuesdays through Saturdays. He did say, as a follow-up, that it does help them sort the clothes, if the worn garments are marked as rags when they're dropped off at the store.