Sarantopulos Show a Success

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Lauren Sarantopulos stands next to one of her paintings.

Thursday night, the Sagebrush Community Art Center hosted an artist's reception for sensation, 13 year-old, Lauren Sarantopulos.

The gallery room was filled to capacity and was abuzz of excitement and enthusiasm for her show called, “Wyoming Wildlife and Animals From Around the World. Sarantopulos was overwhelmed with the turn-out.

Sarantopulos explains the inspiration behind her work.

The young artist also incorporates plants in many of her pieces.

It's said that the eye is the window to the soul and Sarantopulos tries to capture that in her paintings.

Sarantopulus credits her mom for teaching her the basics. Art is her passion and she plans on making art a life-long pursuit. Her show will be on display through the end of September at the Sagebrush Art Center located in the old Train Depot on Fifth Street.