SAWS Board Acknowledges Receipt of Budget

The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board acknowledged receipt of the budget for the coming year but did not accept the budget pending answers to questions from at least some board members.

No dollar figures were discussed at the board's meeting Wednesday, but board members questioned a proposed rate increase and a proposal to add a part-time temporary staff person.

SAWS Attorney Tony Wendtland also noted that the budget included a proposed increase to the legal department. Wendtland said he didn't request an increase and doesn't intend to ask for an increase. The proposed rate increase to SAWS customers would be 2.25 percent. The budget will be discussed in more detail at next month's meeting.

In other action, SAWS member Alex Lee moved that Project Manager Dan Coughlin prepare a resolution by the next meeting outlining how SAWS would handle matters such as monthly bills and service requests if the board went to quarterly meetings. The board also heard updates on various SAWS projects, including upgrades to the rural water service booster stations. Coughlin said that project is almost finished.