SAWS Board Awards Meter Replacement Contract

Contract price is just under $3.14 million and will include just under $2.54 million from the city and just over $600,000 from SAWS.

Chad Lynn, with Ridgepoint Consulting, which is the manager for the project, said residential and commercial water meters will be replaced. He said the project will also include implementation of a new Advanced Meter Infrastructure system, which is also known as AMI, to read the meters.

Under the new AMI system, water usage information from the meters will be sent directly to City Hall. Lynn said proposals from Mueller and two other companies were opened last October.

In addition to the installation, SAWS Project Manager Dan Coughlin said a separate contract will provide for maintaining the system technology. He said that cost will be just under $73,000 a year. SAWS Joint Powers Board members, which are three county commissioners, Sheridan Mayor Roger Miller and two Sheridan city councilors also amended a resolution to clarify the source of repayment of a state loan to SAWS.