SAWS Withholds $8,400 From Contractor in Damages

The Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board voted to withhold $8,400 in liquidated damages from a contractor for failing to meet the timeline for the work.

Action came Wednesday night following discussion in an executive session of the board.

According to a memo from Project Manager Dan Coughlin, the contractor, Westin Mechanical, failed to complete work on time for an upgrade of electrical systems, pumps in SAWS booster stations and three portable generators. Coughlin stated in the memo that the contractor completed work on the generators 14 days after the required date for completion, and was 45 days late completing closeout documents.

Funds are being withheld from a $41,400 retainage in the contract, so the final amount that will be paid to Westin is just over $33,000.