SCD2 Board Presented with Best Ever PAWS Results

SCSD2 Director of Curriculum and Assessment Tom Sachse

Director of Curriculum and Assessment for SCSD2 Tom Sachse, presented the Board of Trustees with the final PAWS results on Monday night, praising students and teachers across the district for the best PAWS results in the district's history of using the assessment. SCSD2 maintained math and writing in the 90s in several areas, and reading scores moved up into high 70s and 80s. Sachse says that they will continue to improve on results that were - among a comparison he used to compare with large-market schools - the highest of 4A athletic schools in the Wyoming.

PAWS, one of many assessments that the district uses to evaluate and track student and teacher progress, Sachse called the testing District 2's “Super Bowl” of those assessments.

Results were released in July, but they were not presented to the board at their meeting last month because they were since reassessed with the No Child Left Behind Act which takes into account students who didn't attend the entire school year – Oct 1. through the beginning of PAWS testing.

Sachse said that the Annual Yearly Progress targets went up this year because of a goal that will have No Child Left Behind AYP at 100 percent by 2014. AYP tracks progress with students who didn't attend for the entire year. He added that the recent decisions by the Wyoming Department of Education to not allow comparisons to past years in some situations because of problems with testing systems across the state caused the district to not achieve some of the AYP percentiles.

He said District 2 schools did not have these problems, and that he and Superintendent Craig Dougherty have discussed this with the state and will appeal, in order to avoid No Child Left Behind sanctions. Aside from this, he said AYP were met in almost all areas across the board.

During the district's September meeting elementary school principles will present their action plans for improving their schools with these results for the coming year. Secondary principles will present in October. Last year results were not received and presented until mid-fall. Sachse said that this year teachers will be able to get these results prior to school starting and work with incoming students to begin improvements.