Schiffer School Could be Opened Next Fall

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If all goes according to plan, a new John C. Schiffer Collaborative School building could be open and serving students next fall.

Mathers Heuck, who's the facilities director for Sheridan County School District 2, said the district will start advertising the project on Nov. 20, with bids to be opened on Dec. 18.

Heuck said an initial bid opening for the project was held last June, but all of the bids at that time came in over budget. He said the district decided to scale down the project and rebid it at a time when, hopefully, prices would be lower.

The new Schiffer school will be built on land the school district acquired from Sheridan College, next to the college campus. The Schiffer School is currently being held on the college campus, and Heuck said that's deliberate.

Heuck said if bids opened on Dec. 18 are within the district's budget, a contract for construction of the school could be awarded at the school board's January meeting.

Depending on the weather, ground could be broken on March 1 and the building could be substantially complete by next July.

Plans are for the new alternative school to serve not only School District 2 but Sheridan County School Districts 1 and 3 and the Johnson County School District.

Heuck said the new school building is designed to accommodate more than 100 students.