School Board Rescinds Vote For Rec Board Members

The Johnson County School Board voted to rescind their vote from a special meeting called on Monday, April 25th, because the vote, although legal, could have appeared to be questionable, according to school district legal counsel Tim Kirven.

A special meeting was advertised on the district's website for April 25th, but no news outlets were directly notified of the meeting, which led to some calling the meeting and any decisions made at the meeting unlawful under Wyoming's Open Meeting Law.
The vote taken at that meeting was to appoint School Board Member Grace Gosar and Adam Teten to the Johnson County Rec Board.

At Monday's school board meeting, Attorney Tim Kirven gave his opinion on the April 25th meeting, saying that by listing the meeting on the school board's website, and that because no radio station or newspaper was on file with the district as wanting to be directly notified of any special meeting, the district met the minimum requirements for informing the public of the meeting.

He also gave his opinion that the board was within their legal rights to appoint the board members to the Rec Board, but that the paper ballot system used to vote them in, although legal under Wyoming law, could be frowned upon if the district had not traditionally used it, but had rather used the “roll-call” form of vote, with all members saying “aye” or “nay.”

Board member Nicole Novotny-Wonka quoted school board policy that says votes should be taken in the “roll-call” form.

Later in the meeting, the board voted to rescind their earlier vote from the April 25th meeting, and voted to appoint Gosar to the board, but solicit interest from the general public for the final spot on the Rec Board, with a vote on the final spot to come at a future meeting.