School District 1 Has Unique Bus Situation

School District 1 has a unique bus situation, according to the district's transportation coordinator. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Sheridan County School District 1 is unique.

That's according to Lori Thornburg, who's the district's transportation coordinator. What makes the district unique, she said, is that there are two high schools and two middle schools – one each in Big Horn and the Ranchester/Dayton area.

In addition, she said, the district includes the Slack school. In all, the district's 23 business serve students in an area that extends from Big Horn north to the Parkman area.

“Here” is in Ranchester, across from Tongue River Elementary School. Thornburg said in addition to the regular school buses, the fleet includes three multi-purpose vehicles – like a Suburban, Thornburg said. Those are used to transport smaller numbers of students to special events.

Thornburg said the buses are not only used for transporting students to and from their schools. They're also busy on the weekends. This past weekend, she said, was an example.

Thornburg said over 70 students were in Denver alone last weekend.

She said being on a four-day school week allows School District 1 to get by with fewer buses in the fleet, because route buses can be utilized to transport students to activities.

Thornburg said the district doesn't trade off school buses just because they can. As long as the buses remain serviceable, they remain in the fleet. For example, she said, one of the current buses is a 1997 model, and it runs every day. Another bus is a 1993 that currently isn't needed, but it can be run.

Transportation Coordinator Lori Thornburg points out one of the cameras on the side of the bus. (Photo by Pat Blair)