School District 1 Students Give Presentations at Meeting

A change was introduced this week at the Sheridan County School District 1 trustees' first meeting of the new school year.

Pete Kilbride, who's the school district superintendent, said board meetings will now open with student presentations.

The new plan started Tuesday night with students from Big Horn, and first up were fifth grade students from Big Horn Elementary School. They sang “We the People” in honor of Constitution Day.

Two groups of students were featured from Big Horn Middle School. Kilbride said one group presented on their first unit of the new computer science class being introduced in District 1 schools this year.

Kilbride said he likes the new format, because the meetings are about the students, after all.

He said this month's board meeting was in Big Horn, and next month, when trustees meet in Ranchester, Tongue River school students will give presentations. Students are selected by the principals of the district's schools.

Also at Tuesday's meeting, trustees reviewed and approved several district policies and policy regulations and heard about changes the district has made in summer school.