Search & Rescue To Use Excess Funds

A number of organizations that have received optional one-percent funds in Johnson County have unused money sitting in accounts they were unaware of, according to discussions at recent county commission and Buffalo City Council meetings.

Johnson County Search and Rescue is one of those with unused funds, and they came before the commissioners at their last meeting to get approval to use those funds to purchase protective suits for some of their personnel.

Sheriff Steve Kozisek explained that search and rescue had purchased a boat for water rescue operations back in 2015-16, and were recently informed there were additional funds that had not been used.

New Search & Rescue Captain Don Pownell said they would like to use the funds to purchase protective suits for those water operations.

Pownell said they have two of their personnel that have purchased their own suits for about $850 each, and search and rescue would like to reimburse them and then have four of those suits on hand.

The commissioners voted to approve the use of the roughly $5,000 in unused one-percent funds for the suits and additional items for the rescue boat.

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