Second Critical Incident Has Peaceful Resolution

A Sheridan man was taken to Sheridan Memorial Hospital shortly after midnight Saturday after threatening suicide and to harm police officers during a standoff.

Sheridan Police Lt. Travis Koltiska said the man was hospitalized.

Koltiska said police were initially called by a teenage male who said his adult brother was distraught and in possession of knives. Koltiska said officers quietly approached to observe the residence, and observed the subject moving around the house with knives in each hand. He said the other occupants of the house had left, and the individual was alone inside.

Koltiska said after a short time, the man exited the residence, still armed with the knives, and confronted officers. He was ordered to drop the weapons and initially complied, but he then reached for the knives.

Koltiska said the incident was completely unrelated to the standoff on Broadway Street.