Second Man Accused Of Battery In Rodeo Weekend Beating Enters Plea

25-year-old Leo Pinnick entered a not-guilty plea to charges of aggravated assault and battery in 4th Judicial District Court on Wednesday. He was involved in an altercation involving 4 men that took place following the Friday night street dance on rodeo weekend and ended with 2 of them in the hospital.

Also charged in the crime is 18-year-old Walker Takes Horse. Takes Horse also pled not-guilty earlier this month. Both men were involved in the fight with Neil Switzer and Christopher Stotts. According to court documents Switzer approached Pinnick and Takes Horse and became aggressive. During the altercation, Pinnick allegedly became armed with a metal pipe, which was used to beat Switzer. Switzer had to be flown to a Denver hospital due to the seriousness of his wounds.

Pinnick’s attorney asked for a bond reduction from his current $25,000 cash only bond. The court denied the request after prosecutors listed a criminal history dating back to 2003 that included at least one arrest for failing to make a court appearance. Pinnick’s trial has been scheduled for February 3rd, 2010 on the same day as Takes Horse.