Senator Enzi Listening Session Today In Buffalo

United States Senator Michael Enzi will hold another of his “listening sessions” today (Friday) at the Johnson County Library beginning at 10am.

Enzi is here to “listen and take notes” according to his web site. He has attended a number of these sessions and will continue to have them through the month of August.

Enzi hopes to hear ideas and solutions from Wyoming residents on how to solve America's problems and to hear first-hand the problems businesses face in the state and to hear from residents on any and all issues.
“These listening sessions are residents’ time to let me know what I should be working on back in Washington. As the name suggests, I listen and take notes while Wyoming folks can share with me what is on their mind. I don’t have plans to give a long speech, I’m there to hear their common sense, realistic ideas for solving our nation’s problems,” said Enzi.
Enzi will be at the Johnson County Library at 171 N. Adams Ave. from 10 to 11 am, and will also hold sessions next Thursday in Worland and Greybull.