Senior Caregiver Director Finds Need for Grandparents Group

If you’re given a little government money to fund a special program, first you need to find out what the community needs.

This was the thought process which developed into a mission, recently, for Stella Montano. She’s the family caregiver director for the senior center in Sheridan, who’s trying to create a program to help her elderly members who are raising grandchildren.

She was talking about the center’s director, Carmen Rideout, as she shared the background story with a group gathered recently for a meeting of the AARP organization. At that time, she went on to say she was pleasantly surprised to find there was a need as the grandparents and grandchildren came together for the first meeting.

She said her plan moving forward is to have a different speaker come in each week to talk on a topic that might be helpful, like legal issues. The bonus, she said, will be simply creating a place where grandparents of all ages can meet and ultimately develop a bond through their shared experiences.

We’ll learn more about the program today on the Public Pulse show. Montano will be a guest for the second segment. The show starts at 9, right after the news, on K-R-O-E.