Senior Center Holds Autumn Fest

Several couples dance to music by Boot Hill during the Autumn Fest in Dayton. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Dayton area residents ate chicken dinner and danced to music by Boot Hill Friday night during this year's Autumn Fest at the Community Hall in Dayton.

Jane Perkins, who's the Sheridan Senior Center's “fun director” said the event started as a way to acquaint Dayton residents with the Senior Center's services.

Perkins said the awareness evolved into having a site person in Dayton. That individual is Michelle Keller, who's the Tongue River Valley program coordinator. Keller explained her role.

Perkins said the Autumn Fest has been an annual event since before 1988. Jean Harm cooks the meal, which these days features oven-fried chicken. Harm said the event started as a pancake supper, then became a chili dinner before taking its present form.

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The band, Boot Hill. (Photo by Pat Blair)
A few of the crowd at the Autumn Fest. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Dancers applaud the band after a number. (Photo by Pat Blair)