ServeWyoming Focuses on Disaster Education

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A nonprofit helping other nonprofits, ServeWyoming works to ensure that volunteer-run organizations throughout the community get an equal supply of volunteers and distributes volunteers in the case of a disaster.

Stepanie Poppe, Community Liaison for ServeWyoming, explained what else they do.

She added that a few organizations were getting too many volunteers in the area, so they wanted to help direct people where they were needed.

Another aspect of ServeWyoming is disaster preparation. They distribute volunteers in case of a disaster, and also educate on the subject. Poppe said that they focus mainly on tornado, flood and fire education.

They will host a disaster preparation workshop on Saturday Sept. 10, and then will have a booth at the Out of the Darkness Walk to End Suicide on Sunday the 11th. Look for more information on those events next week.

ServeWyoming has offices throughout Wyoming. For more information, visit their website at For volunteer options, visit