Several Different Scams Try To Separate You From Your Money

Puppies aren’t the only lure scammers use to take your money. Sheridan Media News Director Kurt Layher tells us more.

The recent puppy scam is not the only way unscrupulous people will try and separate you from your hard earned money. In recent months several Wyoming residents have lost thousands in offers that seem “to good to resist.” Dale Leatham is a United States Customs Officer in Casper and he says it’s becoming harder and harder to surprise him with new scams.

You should be wary of responding to any unsolicited offer or advertisement. Doing a little research can go a long way toward saving you big money. And what is the one rule you should never break?

With a little common sense and a healthy amount of skepticism one can protect themselves from being ripped off. If you do become a victim of scammers the best thing to do is report it so authorities can warn others about the con. Unfortunately, once money has been wired overseas, it is nearly impossible to retrieve. In fact, some countries in Africa depend on income from scammers for a significant portion of their revenue.