Sheridan Is Ahead Of The Curve In Glass Recycling

The City of Cheyenne collects about 9 tons of glass each week in its recycling program. The only problem is that it’s all just getting piled in the landfill. Glass can be recycled an unlimited number of times but it’s currently cheaper to make new glass from sand. Sand is abundant and inexpensive.

The City of Sheridan started accepting glass in its recycling program last year. So far the city has collected more than 150 tons of it. Yet we don’t have stockpiles of glass taking up space at the landfill. Sheridan’s Solid Waste Manager Charles Martineau says the glass crusher installed last year makes the glass useful.

During the crushing process, sharp edges are removed and one could even run their hands through it without being cut. There is one use they haven’t really explored yet.

One thing to consider is that glass is a light material, relatively speaking. It should not be used for landscaping in areas with heavy drainage during storms or when watering.

Of the 150 tons already crushed very little glass remains at the city service center. Martineau says they are also trying to find a market for the crushed glass but it may not be economically feasible to sell it as with other recycled materials.