Sheridan College to Expand Culinary Program

Last week we told you about Sheridan College's long term plan to build an Academic Center on campus to compensate for growth at the College. While that facility may be years down the road, there are other things going on at the College that are more immediate. The success of the Wyoming Culinary Institute has prompted officials from the College to look at possible areas of expansion. Sheridan College President Dr. Paul Young.

Young says that expanding near the current location of the Culinary Institute is something that the College is seriously considering.

Young stated that expansion of the Wyoming Culinary Institute would be in the cost range of $750,000 to $1.5 million. Be sure to join us later for the final part in our series on capital projects at Sheridan College, as we'll take a look at the recently formed partnership with the WYO Theater and how it will affect the arts programs at the College.