Sheridan Commission Officially Declares State of Emergency

The Sheridan County Commission officially declared a county-wide State of Emergency during their meeting Tuesday, in response to flooding that occurred on May 28th, and with the possibility there may still be flooding in the near future.

The Resolution passed by the commission states that with the declaration, the county will execute “for and on behalf of Sheridan County the expenditure of emergency funds from all available sources, invoke the mutual aid agreements, and make requests for assistance from the state.”

County Administrative Director Renee Obermueller and County Emergency Management Coordinator Bruce Edwards explained the need for the official declaration.

Edwards said with the release of water from Park Reservoir in conjunction with possible snowpack runoff and/or possible moisture from forecasted thunderstorms in the area is what prompted the push for the emergency declaration, so assets would be available should there be more flooding in the county.

Edwards said filled sandbags are available at the fairgrounds for residents who need them.