Sheridan County Attorney May Face Criminal Charge

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

Sheridan County Attorney Matt Redle may be facing a criminal charge for an incident that occurred at the Sheridan County Courthouse December 11 involving Sheridan Advocacy and Resource Center Executive Director Bonnie Young. According to an investigation conducted by the Sheridan Police Department, Redle allegedly attempted to kick a coffee cup from Young’s hand and threw a paper coffee cup at her. Young was not injured during the altercation. In a phone call to Redle Tuesday, he said “he was fully out of line and ashamed of his conduct”. Young could not be reached for comment.

Ringley said the investigation concluded that Redle violated the state’s unlawful contact statute.

Ringley said that what has held the case up is the conflict of interest issue, as police reports are typically turned into the county attorney to decide whether or not to seek prosecution.

The Lieutenant said he and Police Chief Richard Adriaens met Tuesday with County Administrative Services Director Renee Obermueller and Commission Chairman Bob Rolston.

As far as further details about the incident on December 11, Ringley said it wouldn’t be appropriate at this time to disclose further information of what allegedly happened. The 62-year-old Redle has served as Sheridan County Attorney for almost three decades, since 1987. His current term is set to expire in 2018.