Sheridan County Commission Adopts Conservation Design Amendments

Sheridan County Planner Mark Reid

At the November 2nd Sheridan County Commission meeting, Commissioners considered and then adopted Zoning Rules and Division of Land Rules each amended to incorporate the Conservation Design process for county development. It was a significant step in a process that began in 2007, says Sheridan County Planner Mark Reid.

While there are still over forty issues to be addressed in the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan, the Conservation Design Subdivision Option, Reid told the Commission the Subdivision option helps support the following goals: to retain the agricultural / rural areas of the Coutny; to encourage clustered development patterns in a concentrated Clustering / Conservation Development Area through incentive to conserve open space or resources; to provide stewardship of natural resources; and to provide services and facilities in an efficient and fiscally responsible manner. Reid adds.

Joining the meeting via a Skype connection from Florida was Chris Duerksonwith Clarion and Associates, who has worked with Reid and others in working through the process with the public to reach this point. Duerkson told the Commission that Sheridan County “did it properly; it was text book of how good planning is done.”

Commissioner Bob Rolston noted the Sheridan County Comprehensive Plan is a pilot project in the West at which other states are looking; Commissioner Cram said it has been the culmination of a whole lot of work by the Sheridan County staff, adding that golf courses are exempt in response to a radio listener who thought the plan was about golf course development. And Commissioner Tom Ringley said, “Now all we need is somebody to go do one of these.”