Sheridan County Commissioners Back Lodging Tax

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The Sheridan County Commission has approved a Resolution to back a proposition to be put before the voters in the county in November to approve a county-wide 4% lodging tax.

A 4% lodging tax has been in place within the city limits of Sheridan since 1989, but there has been discussion to implement the tax county-wide. The Sheridan Travel and Tourism Board has backed the proposal that will add the lodging tax to the entire county if approved by voters in November.

Shawn Parker, Executive Director of Sheridan Travel and Tourism, spoke in favor of the lodging tax at the recent commissioners' meeting, saying the proposal had received overwhelming support from Sheridan and the surrounding communities.

The lodging tax is the sole means of funding for Sheridan Travel and Tourism, which in turn uses the funds to promote Sheridan County's attractions as a whole.