Sheridan County Prioritizes One Percent Fund Allocations

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Allocations for funds generated from the optional one-cent sales and use tax in Sheridan County have been prioritized by the county commission over the next four years, after the commission recently approved a resolution.

County Administrative Director Renee Obermueller gave more details about the resolution before it was passed at last week’s meeting

In the resolution passed by the commission, public safety received an estimated $555,000 or just over 29% of anticipated funding over the next four years.
Facilities and infrastructure received $600,000 or 32% of funding.
Public health was allocated $47,000 or 2.5%.
Seniors and family, $80,000 or 4%.
Parks, pathways, recreation and open space, $65,000 or 3%.
Heritage, history and arts, $27,000 or 1.5%.
Housing and shelter, $50,000 or 2.6%.
Economic and community development, $380,000 or 20%.
And a contingency of $96,000 or 5% was built into the resolution as well.

We will have a further breakdown of funding in an upcoming story.