Sheridan Figure Skaters Wrap-Up Successful Season

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From Left: Jessica Ross, Katelyn Kayser, Catherine Winnop, Kairstyn Holden (in back), Elizabeth Winnop, Victoria Smith (front), Molly Butler, Maggie Pierce, Taylor Meixner, coach Emily Emond. (Photo courtesy of Theresa Winnop)
Back Row (left to right): Maggie Pierce, Molly Butler, Catherine Winnop, Elizabeth Winnop, Taylor Meixner, coach Emily Emond. Front Row (left to right): Kairstyn Holden, Jessica Ross, Katelyn Kayser. (Photo courtesy of Theresa Winnop)

The Sheridan Ice Figure Skaters recently wrapped up their season with a couple of competitions. Sheridan Media's Ron Richter has the story.

Eight of the nine girls on the team competed at the Rapid City Gold Rush, a United States Figure Skating sanctioned event in February. All nine skaters finished up their season at the 7th annual Gillette Ice Breaker this past weekend and ended up winning the overall team award.

Along with the many individual awards won by the skaters at the competitions, Coach Emily Emond says that the team award was probably the most gratifying.

Emond said that practicing outdoors was one of the biggest challenges that the team faced during the season.

Rapid City Gold Rush Competition-

Katelyn Kayser earned one 1st place, one 2nd place and one 3rd place medal in Pre-Preliminary events; the second highest skating category at the event. Maggie Pierce also competed at the Pre-Preliminary level, winning three 1st place and two second place medals. Elizabeth Winnop won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals in the No Test category. In the Beginner 7 category, Catherine Winnop earned three 1st place medals. Taylor Meixner competed in the Beginner 6 events, earning two 1st place, one 2nd and one 3rd. Jessica Ross and Molly Butler both competed at the High Beginner level. Ross placed 2nd in three events and 3rd in one event. Butler earned one 1st, one 2nd and two 3rd place medals. Kairstyn Holden competed in Beginner 5 events and won four 1st place medals.

7th Annual Gillette Ice Breaker Competition-

The Sheridan Ice Figure Skaters won the overall team award. All nine Sheridan skaters placed in several events. Katelyn Kayser, Maggie Pierce, Elizabeth Winnop and Catherine Winnop competed at the Freestyle 4 level, the highest test level at the competition. Kayser and Pierce earned first place in the team jump and spin event, while Winnop and Winnop placed second. In individual events, Kayser earned two 1st and one 2nd. Pierce placed 1st in one event, 2nd in two events and 3rd in one event. Elizabeth Winnop earned one 1st, two 2nd and one 4th place in individual events; while her sister, Catherine received one 2nd and two 3rd place individual medals. Kairstyn Holden, Molly Butler and Taylor Meixner competed in Freestyle 3 events. Holden and Butler earned first place in the pairs event. Butler went on to earn two 1st place and one 2nd place medals. Holden won one 1st, one 2nd and one 3rd place individual medals. Meixner competed in two events, earning one 2nd place medal and one 3rd place. At the Freestyle 2 level, Jessica Ross won four 1st place medals. Victoria Smith was one of the youngest skaters at the event, competing at the Beta level. She also won four 1st place medals.