A Look Back in Time: Jan. 4, 1914

Now here's Sheridan Media's look back in time, to one hundred years ago, Jan. 4 of 1914, as reported by the Sheridan Enterprise newspaper.

County treasurer Mrs. Wilhelm said she had not yet been able to determine how many people had paid their 1913 taxes. She said she could not even guess at the total percentage until the middle of the week. Her entire staff was working overtime to get the record books in order.

The newspaper reported that temperatures for the previous day reached a high of 26. The day was cloudy, but without precipitation, and the overnight low was 16.

On this day, according to the newspaper, The Book Store had just received another shipment of Old Hampshire Bond, which was known as “the Stationery of a Gentleman.”

And The Painter Sisters Millinery on West Loucks had announced a half-price sale of thee entire stock of winter hats, so they could make room for the new spring line. Trimmed hats that normally sold for $30 were going for $15 and $5 hats for $2.50.