Sheridan Memorial Hospital Implement Visitation Requirements

In a media release from Sheridan Memorial Hospital, the Women's and Children's Health departments are limiting visitors to immediate family only as a means to prevent possible spread of flu to patients.
"Immediate family" includes parents, grandparents, siblings and spouses of patients.

Others who wish to lend patient support may do so by sending a greeting from the hospital website or by phoning the patient's room. And in general, hospital staff asks that if a person is ill, they would refrain from visiting any patients in the hospital.

Statistically, pregnant women, infants and small children are at risk for contracting the flu, and this year health officials are facing both the regular flu and the H1N1 viruses.

It is unknown how long the visiting restrictions will be in effect at Sheridan Memorial.

Visit the hospital's website, and click on "Health Info & Tips" for more information on flu prevention.