Sheridan Memorial is Three-Star Hospital

Sheridan Memorial Hospital is currently rated a three-star facility, and the focus is on becoming a four-star.

Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty talked about the rating system and the hospital's goal to move up at the hospital trustees' meeting earlier this week. In an interview with Sheridan Media, McCafferty said the rating system is a program of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

He said the star scale is something consumers already know from the hospitality and food service industries.

McCafferty said Sheridan Memorial has embraced the five-star rating system as part of its strategic planning. He said the hospital has seen some incremental progress in its goal to earn a four-star rating. Nationwide, according to a recent study, just over 2 percent of the hospitals in the nation have a five-star rating, and about 22 percent have four stars.

Just under 52 percent of the nation's hospitals have a three-star rating. About 20 percent of the hospitals have two stars, and about 4 percent have a one-star rating.