Sheridan Organization Works To Improve Conditions In Alaska Schools

When you hear the name Kodiak, Alaska, you don’t immediately think of a connection to us here in Sheridan. Both areas are subject to the same Federal educational regulations and Average Yearly Progress standards. Another thing we have in common is The National American Indian, Alaskan, and Hawaiian Educational Development Center that is headquartered here in Sheridan. One of the founders is School District 2 Superintendent Craig Dougherty.

The school district in Kodiak, Alaska was informed this year that they were not meeting AYP’s in several areas. To remedy the situation, they contacted the Center here in Sheridan for help.

Although both Wyoming and Alaska have the same Federal standards, their educational systems are vastly different, which the Center takes into consideration

The Center operates with school districts in Wyoming, Montana, Alaska and Washington. They are hoping to add New Mexico and Hawaii to that list soon. Affiliation with the Center is voluntary, with an ongoing process that focuses on teaching the teachers rather than an original curriculum.