Sheridan Parks Manager Speaks For Dog Park in Buffalo

Priscilla Welles, with the Vision Buffalo Commission, has been working toward getting Buffalo its first dog park, and has spent the last few months researching possible sites and speaking with the city council on the feasibility of each.

At the last city council meeting, she brought Sheridan Parks Superintendent Chuck Carbert to speak about Sheridan's experiences with their park, and answer questions concerning problems the city may have experienced since installing their dog parks.

Carbert told the council to address citizen's concerns on location, noise, or other negative factors and consider them when looking at where to put a proposed dog park.

He said if Buffalo can find a home for a dog park that everyone is accepting of, it can be one of the city's most popular and busiest parks year-round, such as the ones in Sheridan.

Maintenance of a park should not cost the city much more in manpower or materials, just enough to mow and empty trash, as with any other park. In fact, he said, users more often than not take care of the park themselves, policing the area for trash and cleaning up after those few that may not clean up after their pets.

He did admit there have been a few isolated incidents with aggressive dogs or complaints about noise, but they have been few.

Overall, Carbert recommended the council seriously look into a dog park in Buffalo, citing the successes of both of Sheridan's parks. In fact, he said, Sheridan is looking at installing a third dog park in the near future.

No action was taken by the council, and the Vision Buffalo Commission will continue working on a location for the proposed dog park.