Sheridan Resident Voices Opinion on Bar and Grill License Fee Schedule

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At their August 21 meeting, the Sheridan City Council passed an ordinance on first reading that sets a one-time fee of $10,500 for one of the new bar and grill licenses that the City received earlier this year.

The fee for each of the two licenses will drop to $3,000 for renewal after one-year of operation and $1,500 for the third year of renewal.

During a public hearing prior to the Council considering the ordinance, Sheridan resident Brian Miller talked about why he felt the initial fee was too much.

Deputy City Clerk Cecilia Good said that the City currently charges $1,500 annually for the four bar and grill licenses that are operational within the City. She said that according to state statute, that is the minimum that can be charged for a bar and grill license. 2nd reading of the ordinance is expected to be considered by the Council at their next meeting, Tuesday, September 5.