Sheridan Residents Place Headstones on Civil War Graves

Craig Doyle, left, and Jeffrey Mansfield smooth concrete around newly placed headstone in Sheridan Municipal Cemetery. (Photo by Pat Blair)

A group of Sheridan residents led by Tammy Mansfield spent three days this weekend placing headstones on the unmarked graves of Civil War veterans in Sheridan's municipal cemetery.

In an interview with Sheridan Media, Mansfield explained.

Mansfield said the group, which included her husband, Jeffrey, Nancy and Sam Talbott and Craig Doyle, installed three headstones.

She said as far as she knew, two of the graves had never had headstones. She said those two belonged to a father and son who died within a year of each other, the father in 1912 and the son in 1913. She said a third individual had a headstone, but information on the original stone was incorrect.

Mansfield said the headstone project was prompted by a visit to the cemetery on Memorial Day.

Mansfield said as far as she knows at this time, there are 26 World War I veterans' graves that are without headstones in the Sheridan Cemetery. Others without headstones include one veteran of the Philippine Insurrection, seven from the Spanish-American War, two from World War II and one veteran of Vietnam.

Mansfield is on a mission to provide headstones for all of the veterans. She said the headstones can be secured for free from the Department of Veterans Affairs provided the veteran received an honorable discharge. Mansfield said she also had to provide proof of the veteran's service and proof that the individual is buried in the Sheridan Cemetery.

She said Sheridan's Cemetery Director Josh Morgan has also been helpful in allowing the headstones to be placed at no cost.

Mansfield said there are also plans to place a headstone on an unmarked grave in Mount Hope Cemetery at Big Horn.

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From left, Doyle, Mansfield and Sam Talbott work on base for headstone. (Photo by Pat Blair)
Doyle mixes concrete watched by Mansfield and Talbott. (Photo by Pat Blair)